Event Management

With substantial experience in event management for utility and engineering industry, we deeply understand your needs and objectives. We strive to provide an excellent service for organizing and planning event such as conference, seminar, social gathering, annual dinner, social activities, and oversea visits and we are one stop event and promotion solutions to your business.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Event planning, development and coordination
  • Venue selection and management
  • Exhibition planning
  • Liaison with guests
  • Sourcing sponsors
  • Sourcing souvenirs
  • Mass mailing services (Invitation card, e-mail)
  • Event promotion
  • Registration management
  • Manpower deployment
  • Budget planning and financial management
  • Design and production of venue decoration, even printed matters
  • Staging and audio visual management (AV & lighting system, MC services)
  • Website development



We have provided event management services to our clients, please go to Job Reference and take a look!

Our Services

Besides event management service, UTI also provides associations/organizations with administration support service to assist different organizations to manage and promote themselves in the society. 


Scope of Service Package


a)     Secretariat Office

  • Provision of an admin officer to carry out the duties and handle all secretarial works. The Administrative Officer shall have adequate technical capabilities to independently carry out the tasks assigned by the organization. The average time required of this staff in performing the duties the Administrative Officer shall be not less than 50 hours per month.
  • Responsible for distribution of mail/correspondence and process all general correspondence.
  • Act as point of contact between the organization and its members.
  • Answer queries from external and members.
  • Inform Executive Committee Members of the organization of any queries from members.
  • Be conversant with the web-site of the organization.
  • Undertake administrative duties in relation to organization’s meetings, committee meetings, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and technical visits.
  • Any other duties as may reasonably be required from time to time from the organization.
  • Storage and maintenance of all association documents.
  • Assistance with legal and official matters e.g. auditing, annual returns, insurance.


b)     Membership

  • Maintain the membership system
  • Extract information from membership database as required
  • Registration of new members
  • Renewal of membership
  • Provide information to members
  • Compiling and producing the membership directory
  • Production of registration reports


c)     Event management

  • Provision of on-site staff in the organizations’ functions
  • Planning the organization’s event schedule
  • Venue and associated facilities for holding organization meetings during the service period. The venue shall have a seating capacity of not less than 20 persons
  • Venue and associated facilities for holding a minimum of 6 seminars during the service period. The venue shall have a seating capacity of around 100 persons.


d)     Promotion of organization

  • Maintain contact with specific organizations in Hong Kong or overseas to help promoting the organization and attract more people to join.
  • Production of organization’s promotional pamphlet

For more information, please contact us at info@uti.hk.

Details of Event Management Package

1. Registration management

  • Confirmation notice
  • Preperation of attendance certificate
  • Online registration system
  • Registration status review

2. Online promotion

  • Advertisement launch in www.uti.hk
  • Direct e-mail to target participants

3. Event management & organization

  • Rundown setup
  • Venue selection and booking
  • Onsite reception & monitoring
  • Evaluation report

40% discount will be offered to immediate applicant with professional service garantee! Please contact us at 2690 3899 or mail to info@uti.hk.

Job Reference - Past Event


Date Events   
25 September 2019 Seminars on “PII & Underground BIM” cum Inauguration Ceremony of HKIUS Council (2019-21) and IIUS Executive Committee Venue: Kowloon Hotel Organizer(s): HKIUS & IIUS  Event Report
25 April 2019 Digital Infrastructure and Construction Summit 2019 Venue: Wang Gungwu Theatre, Graduate House, HKU Organizer: BSI Group Co-organizer(s): PCSG, Faculty of Architecture, HKU  Flyer
27 March 2019 Seminar on the Awareness of Utilities Protection Venue: China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd. – Project 3801 Site office Organizer: China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Ltd. Co-organizer(s): HKIUS, IIUS  Event Report
23 Feburary 2019 HKOSHA Technical Visit cum Safety Seminar on Latest Utility Technology and Management Venue: HKIUS Kwai Chung Centre Organizer: HKIUS Co-organizer: IIUS  Event Report
25 May 2018 City Integrated Utility Professional Symposium 城區綜合管綫、管廊專業研討會 Venue: 澳門科學館會議廳 Organizer(s): 澳門工程師學會、澳門管綫協會 Co-organizer: 國際管綫專業學會  Event Report
22 – 24 May 2018 Leakage Test Advanced Seminar 2018 測漏師高級研討會 Venue: 揚州巿邗江區英豪假日酒店 Organizer(s): 揚州自來水有限公司; 中規協地下管綫委員會(UPCC); 揚州節源漏水檢測有限公司 Co-organizer: IIUS  Event Report
2 September 2017 Urban Development Process and Underground Pipeline Planning Seminar 城巿發展及地下管綫前瞻講座 Venue: 澳門萬豪軒酒家 Organizer(s): 澳門管綫協會, 國際管綫專業學會  Event Report
9 June 2017 One Day Symposium – BIM and GIS: New Opportunities and Challenges for Civil Engineers Venue: ST111, PolyU Organizer(s): American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) & HK Section & Construction Industry Council  Flyer
28 April 2017 ICE HKA Annual Conference 2017: Strengthening Competence and Competitiveness for Internationalization of Hong Kong’s Construction Industry Venue: The Mira Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui Organizer: Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)  Flyer
29 – 31 March 2017 The 5th ICUMAS 2017 Venue: Regal Kowloon Hotel Organizer(s): IIUS, HKIUS, CIC-Hong Kong, HKIE- CAD  Event Report
18 April 2016 Survey Congress 2016  Venue: Imperial Hotel, Kuching, Malaysia Organizer: Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia Seminar (Sarawak Branch)  Event Report
23 April 2015 IMechE HKB Young Member Section (YMS) Venue: Room Z205, PolyU Organizer: IMechE HKB Young Member Section (YMS) Supporting Organization(s): HKIUS, IIUS  Event Report
7 November 2014 PMI HK Asia Pacific Project Management Congress 2014 Venue: Cyberport Conference and Exhibition Centre Organizer: PMI HK Asia Pacific Supporting Organization(s): HKIUS, IIUS  Event Report
20 April 2013 Seminar on Hong Kong Arboriculture Safety Venue: LT 02, The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education Organizer(s): CCPDC, Society of Landscape Hong Kong (SOLHK), Conservation E3 Foundation  Event Report
8 April 2013 College of Science and Engineering: Nuclear Safety and Risk Seminar on Economic Impact of a Nuclear Accident Venue: Lecture Theatre LT-16, Academic Building 1, CityU Organizer: CityU Co-organizer(s): Hong Kong Nuclear Society, Nuclear Division of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Safety Specialist Committee of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers  Flyer
22 September 2012 Risk Management and Safety Seminar Venue: TU‐107, PolyU Organizer(s): The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Association of Risk Management & Safety, Institution of Occupational Safety, and Community & Construction Professionals’ Development Centre  Event Report
24 April 2012 Symposium on Safety Management and Emergency Responses to a Serious Nuclear Accident Venue: Peter Ho Lecture Theatre (LT‐10), Academic 1 Building, CityU Organizer(s): HKIE Nuclear Division & Department of Mechanical, Biomedical Engineering, CityU  Flyer
19 – 21 May 2011 Technical Seminars for 12 Guideline Disciplines. Technical Seminar for:
3 February 2010 Seminar on Preparation for the Second Wave Human Swine Influenza Venue: TU201, PolyU Organizer(s): HKIE – CAD & SSC, HKARMS, HKOSHA, HKIUS, GAA(HK), IMechE HK, InstMC HK, LSGI-PolyU, SOEHK, SRSO & UTI  Event Report
18 December 2009 Politeness vs. impoliteness: How to communicate effectively to maintain face Venue: N003, PolyU  Event Report
2 December 2009 Real Time Sewer Level Surcharge & Overflow System – An Essential tool for Asset Operations & Management Venue: Y301, PolyU Organizer(s): SOE (HK), EA (HK), ICE (HK), HKARMS, InstMC, GAAHK and HKIUS  Event Report
20 – 21 November 2009 2-day Technical Visit & Talk in Dongguan: Current Development of Utility Industry in Mainland China Venue: Dongguan Organizer(s): HKIUS and HKURC Co-organizer(s): The Faculty of Engineering of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Faculty of Construction and Land Use of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University  Event Report
11 November 2009 Real Time Data & Display of Environmental Monitoring Systems Venue: Room207-208 of Etech Centre (Causeway Bay, HKCT) Organizer(s): SOE (HK), EA (HK), ICE(HK), HKARMS, HKCT, InstMC, GAAHK and HKIUS  Event Report
14 October 2009 Water Leakage Detection and Control(WLD) for Better Safety Work in Hong Kong Venue: Room 207-208, Etech Centre, HKCT(Causeway Bay) Organizer(s): HKIUS, CIOB (HK), SOE (HK), EA (HK), HKARMS, GAAHK, InstMC (HK), HKCT & IMechE (HK)  Event Report
30 September 2009 Technical and Safety Requirement of Flow Study in Drainage Conduit & Pipes Venue: Room207-208 of Etech Centre (Causeway Bay, HKCT) Organizer(s): HKIUS, HKCT, SOE (HK), HKARMS, CIOB (HK), CIWEM, IMechE (HK) & Engineers Australia HK Chapter  Event Report
16 September 2009 Advanced Leakage Detection of Buried Water Carrying Services Affecting Slopes (BWCS) with Safety Work in Hong Kong Venue: Room207-208 of Etech Centre (Causeway Bay, HKCT) Organizer(s): SOE (HK), HKARMS, ICE (HK), CIOB,EA(HK), HKCT and HKIUS  Flyer
24 June 2009 How to ensure GPR Survey Useful for Utility Management & Safety Venue: Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Haking Wong) Organizer(s): HKIUS, SOE(HK), HKARMS and CIOB(HK)  Event Report
20 June 2009 USRC Opening cum Recruitment Day Venue: Rm 211 & Platform, Favor Industrial Centre, 2-6 Kin Hong Street, Kwai Chung, N.T. Organizer: HKIUS  Event Report
10 June 2009 Hong Kong Conduit Condition Evaluation Codes 2009 (The Code of Practice for Conduit Condition Evaluation using CCTV in H.K. for Slope Safety Improvement)” Venue: Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Haking Wong) Organizer(s): HKIUS, SOE(HK), ICE(HK), CIOB(HK), InstMC (HK) and DAT of HKCT  Event Report
16 December 2008 Jointed Seminar on “Process Safety Control System Venue: TU101, PolyU Organizer(s): HKIE-MMNC, HKIE-SSC, ASME(Hong Kong Section), IMechE(Hong Kong Branch) & HKARMS Supporting Organization: HKIUS
11 December 2008 Seminar on “Professional written communication for engineers and utility specialists” Venue: N001, PolyU Organizer(s): HKIE-CAI, RCPCE & HKIUS  Event Report
20 November 2008 Technical Talk on “A Methodology to Assist in Determining which Techniques are useful for determining Remaining Wall Thickness of Metal Water Pipes” Venue: IVE(Morrison Hill) Organizer(s): HKIUS, HKIE-CAI, HKURC & IVE(Morrison Hill)  Event Report
29 August 2008 Professional English Writing for Engineers and Utility Specialists Venue: PolyU Organizer(s): HKIE-SSC, HKIUS, HKARMS and Research Centre for Professional Communication in English, Department of English, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University  Event Report
21 July 2008 Seminar on Occupational safety and health seminar on root cause analysis Venue: Poly U Organizer(s): HKIE-SSC, HKARMS, HKIUS, IOSH(HK) and HKISA  Event Report
5 July 2008 SOEHK Symposium 2008 “Development of New Engineering Strategies” Venue: N003, PolyU Organizer: SOE(HK) Supporting Organization(s): AIIB, BSOMES, CMES, HKIE-CAI, HKIE-SSC, HKIUS, TechMatrix Research Centre, iProA & The HK PolyU  
7 – 8 June 2008 Technical Seminar in Pearl River Delta Area- A two-day technical talk on Safety and Utility Management Venue: Shenzhen La Waterfront Hotel Organizer(s): HKIE-SSC, HKIE-CAI, HKARMS, IOSH(HK), HKISA, HKIUS & HKURC  Event Report
6 June 2008 Symposium on i-Management-Challenges and Opportunities Venue: Langham Place Hotel Co-organizer(s): IET Hong Kong Management Section, IEEE Hong Kong Supporting Organization(s): CUAAED, HKARMS, HKIUS, HKIE(CAI), HKIE(IT), HKPC, HKURC, IMechE(HK), IPD(HKSAR), ISSC, OGCIO(HKSAR), Sixsigma, SOE(HK).
14 April 2008 Technical talk on Utility profession in the New Era (Update) Venue: Kowloon Shangri-La Co-organizer(s): HKIUS & HKURC Supporting Organization(s): HKIE-SSC & IOSH (HK) Event Management: UTI Speaker: Ir Dr. Prof. William C.G. Ko, SBS  


Date Events
5 Feb 2010 BUDA Spring Dinner 2010 Venue: Royal Wedding In Tsim Sha Tsui Organizers: UTI  Event Report
20 Feb 2009 BUDA Spring Dinner 2009  Venue: Regal Hong Kong Hotel Organizers: UTI  Event Report
20 Oct 2008 BUDA 10th Anniversary Dinner Venue: Kowloon Shangri-La Organizers: BUDA Group Event Report
14 Apr 2008 HKIUS 5th Anniversary & HKURC Inauguration 2008 Venue: Kowloon Shangri-La Co-organizers: HKIUS & HKURC Supporting Organizations: HKIE-SSC & IOSH (HK) Event Management: UTI Speaker: Ir Dr. Prof. William C.G. Ko, SBS     Event Report




1 Jan 2010

Fu Hong Flag Day

Venue: Central 

Organizer: Fu Hong Society

Thank you letter

30 Sep 2009

Dress Special Day 2009

 Venue: Office

 Organizers: Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists (HKIUS), Utility Training Institute (UTI), Hong Kong Utility Research Centre (HKURC), UtilityINFO Ltd, BUDA Surveying Ltd (BUDA) and US & Associates Consultants Co., Ltd (US & Associates)

Event Report

 11 Oct 2009

Central Rat Race 2009

 Venue: Central

 Organizers: Hongkong Land and Mindset

Event Report

 26 Sep 2009

The 6th Fu Hong Society Charity Walkathon

Venue: from Harlech Road to Lugard Road, Victoria Peak

Organizers: Fu Hong Society

Event report

6 Jun 2009

Flag Bags in Office

Venue: New Territories

Organizer: Employees’ Safety, Training & Rehabilitation Services Limited

Thank you letter

29 Nov 2008

The 5th Fu Hong Society Charity Walkathon

Venue: Hariech Road-Lugard Road, Victoria Park

Organizer: Fu Hong Society


Event Report

12 May 2008

Joint Fund Raising for Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake Victims

Originators: Ir Dr. the Hon Raymond C.T. HO, SBS, JP & Ir Dr. Samson W.H. TAM, JP

Supporting Organizations: HKARMS, HKIE-SSC, HKIUS, HKURC, SOE(HK) & IOSH(HK)


Thank you letter


Other Job References



23 Dec 2009

BUDA Christmas Party 2009

Venue: Platform on Favor Industrial Centre

Organizers: UTI

Event Report

21 Aug 2009

BUDA 11th Anniversary BBQ

Venue: Platform on Favor Industrial Centre

Organizers: UTI

Event Report

20 Dec 2008

A Technical Visit to Ngong Ping 360

Venue: Tung Chung to Ngong Ping

Organizers: HKIUS & HKARMS

Event Report

27 Jan 2008

The Hong Kong Delegation to Guangxi

Venue: Guangxi

Organizers: AES


Event Report

Event Schedule

Past and upcoming event summary

The below event schedule is showing the summary of past and upcoming event details for your easy reference.  For more event descriptions, you can also visit the below page : – Event Schedule 2012 Upcoming training details from the page of The Lastest Trainings Job reference of our training courses – Job reference of training courses Upcoming event details from the pages of  The Latest Events Job reference of our managed events – Job reference of event management For any queries, you are welcome to contact us via email to info@uti.hk or by fax at 2618 4500.  Our contact telephone no. is 2690 3899.