Water Leakage Detection

  • Water Leakage Detection will not be a new subject to many of those working on engineering works. However, who can conduct the survey, how effective is the survey and how accurate can the detection be expected is something difficult to judge.


    To tackle the issues, UTI is pleased to provide a 5 days training course for operators, Engineers, Surveyors and Project Managers working or will be working in utility related works for their better understand of the issues.


    The course is designed to provide operators, engineers, surveyors & project managers in the construction related industries and facilities management services with essential theoretical and practical knowledge in Underground Water Leakage Detection to meet the increasing demand for high volume and quality works for preventive maintenance, design and new works.


    Upon completion of the Course, students should be able to:

    • have full understanding of role of water leakage detection specialist, rules of and methods
    • prepare site raw data and report of WLD surveys
    • asset management systems using IDMS